Vcinity, Inc. Accelerates Digital Transformation for Enterprises

October 15, 2018

Vcinity, Inc. Accelerates Digital Transformation for Enterprises with Groundbreaking Data Access-on-Demand Technology

GARTNER SYMPOSIUM/ITxpo, Orlando, Fla. (BUSINESS WIRE) – October 15, 2018 – Vcinity Inc. today announced its data access-on-demand technology, which provides unbounded access so enterprise users and applications can act on data in real time, from any location, as if it were local. Vcinity’s solutions enable enterprises to operationalize data and leverage more insight, performance, and value from the assets, in place. The company is exhibiting at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo at the Emerging Technologies pod ET6 in the Atlantic Hall.

Digital transformation is the chief reason global enterprises are shifting their strategy; however, many organizations are constrained by how data is accessed, stored, and consumed. Recent industry research shows that 59% of organizations undergoing digital transformation face a “digital deadlock” and remain trapped in the early stages of their transformation journey.

“For the first time ever, global enterprises don’t have to compromise on data management or access. Strategic advantage depends on how quickly organizations derive value from its data and put it to work,” said Harry Carr, CEO and President of Vcinity, Inc. “Vcinity helps enterprises break free from current technological shackles and the lock-in business models of today’s alternatives. Vcinity enables an agile and holistic approach for unparalleled access to data assets – letting the enterprise always stay in control of its data. We take the distance out of data, seamlessly and transparently, so our customers can accelerate time to decision and make strategic and operational leaps forward leveraging existing IT infrastructures.”

Unlocking Greater Possibilities for Partners and Customers
Vcinity enables global enterprises across any industry to transform data as a strategic advantage, while also capitalizing on cloud economics. The solutions enable enterprises to easily view, access, move, manage and operate on geographically dispersed data living on-prem, in the cloud, or a mixture of both in applications as if they were local.

“Data collection means nothing if it cannot be accessed, analyzed, and acted upon in real time. Our customers need the ability to access information instantly from data centers around the world. Vcinity offers a unique technology that is a game changer for industries across the spectrum,” said Terry L. Smith, Senior Director of Penguin Computing’s Advanced Solutions Group. “Our partnership with Vcinity enables both our government and commercial customers to improve production, support mission agility, reduce in-house computing expenses, and open up new avenues of business.”

“Organizations are challenged by geographically dispersed data and stove-piped systems that hinder action and decision-making. We help create flat enterprises so end users can access data as if it were local,” said Charlie Woodhouse, Director of Peraton’s Air Force Research and Solutions Department. “Our partnership with Vcinity enables our Air Force customers to seamlessly reduce mission timelines, access data even when it is continents away, and make high performance compute infrastructure more elastic. We look forward to continued work with Vcinity to unlock greater possibilities for Peraton and our joint customers.”

In addition to Peraton and Penguin, Vcinity has established partnerships with IBM, Mercury Systems, Parry Labs, and others covered by NDAs. Vcinity also has reseller relationships with Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and NRI, among others.

Groundbreaking Technology with HPC Roots
Vcinity’s solutions eliminate fundamental architecture limitations and bring together geographically disparate storage, cloud, compute, and work sites onto a unified data platform — allowing teams to collaborate and applications to act on remote data in real time. Vcinity’s high-performance, deterministic technology creates a global federated construct resulting in unmatched data accessibility over any distance. In short, Vcinity overcomes existing assumptions and current limitations of what distance presents to applications and users when working with remote data.

Additionally, the patented technology creates an environment where users have unbounded access to data and content across their enterprise — so they can dynamically share and innovate in transformative ways. Customers can accelerate existing workflows and realize new workflows including instantaneous replication/backup, remote collaboration, and remote editing/analysis – and optimize compute, network, and storage assets. This enables an unprecedented effective separation of compute and storage, which can drive new methodologies for artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics.

Vcinity’s expertise and launch builds upon its acquisition of Bay Microsystems and more than 18 years of industry experience within the private and public sectors, most notably the defense and intelligence community. Vcinity is now building on that legacy to showcase its patented technology, which has roots in supercomputing and advanced storage architectures and has enabled some of the most mission-critical, complex data applications around the world.  

About Vcinity, Inc.
Vcinity, Inc. enables global enterprises to turn their data into a strategic advantage through unbounded access to data anywhere, anytime. With our patented data access-on-demand solutions, enterprises can make leaps forward in digital transformation, business agility, productivity, revenue and operational scalability and efficiency. Information about Vcinity can be found at

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