2CRSI and Vcinity Announce Joint Partnership

April 23, 2019

Strasbourg (France), April 23, 2019 at 05:45pm – U.S. technology provider VCINITY and French IT specialist 2CRSI, have announced a new partnership. 2CRSI adds VCINITY to its product portfolio to provide a solution to solve challenges of data access across global distances. Vcinity, an emerging data access-on-demand technology provider, has a unique approach to handling data. Its technology gives customers the choice to remotely access and manipulate large datasets without moving them or allow extremely high-speed transfer across long distances. Data has big implications on the economy of enterprise IT resources including compute, storage and network, and Vcinity’s technology enables customers to leverage the full value of data assets while significantly reducing operating costs.

By seamlessly integrating with 2CRSI’s high-quality, efficient, reliable storage and computing solutions, Vcinity unifies custom-built clusters for ultra-fast performance across any distance. With a very impressive demonstration at 2CRSI’s booth during the SC18 in Dallas, Vcinity proved that distance is no longer a barrier for global collaboration and IT deployments.

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