Data Access On Demand

Break through your current IT assumptions. Unify & share data regardless of location. Your data is always in the Vcinity.

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Here. Now.

Unified data at speeds that redefine FAST. Work on remote content instantly. Run analytics on data in Europe with compute in the U.S. Migrate terabytes to the cloud.

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Our “Misfit” Culture

At Vcinity, we don’t just think outside the box — we don’t believe in a box at all. We see no boundaries. Only possibilities. We’re nonconformist innovators who relentlessly pursue the right solution, no matter how unorthodox.

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Data collection means nothing if it cannot be accessed, analyzed, and acted upon in real time. Our customers need the ability to access information instantly from data centers around the world. Vcinity offers a unique technology that is a game changer for industries across the spectrum.

— Terry L. Smith Senior Director, Penguin Computing’s Advanced Solutions Group

Organizations are challenged by geographically dispersed data and stove-piped systems that hinder action and decision-making. We help create flat enterprises so end users can access data as if it were local. Our partnership with Vcinity enables our Air Force customers to seamlessly reduce mission timelines, access data even when it is continents away, and make high performance compute infrastructure more elastic.

— Charlie Woodhouse Director, Peraton’s Air Force Research and Solutions Department

For our Media and Entertainment clients, the Vcinity Ultimate X solution allows video producers to edit remote content across any distance as if it were local to their desktop. Editors are no longer required to replicate content at multiple locations, avoiding redundant copies of the content, leading to dramatic storage efficiencies as well as improved control and security

— Noboru Aoki Strategic Marketing Manager of Core Microsystems Co., Ltd

Ultimate Access

See how our solutions unify compute and storage across any distance.

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